tiistai 16. joulukuuta 2008

Grand opening....Welcome to our Blog!!!!!!!


First, we sincerily thank you for visiting. We also hope that this blog and our mindstate within´ brings you joy and happiness. 

Modern dance music has been in the crossroads for some time now. Personally i am concerned where we are at the moment and what is the next destination. Therefore there is a demand for us, i mean this blog. Ok, i know, this was a personal statement, but i hope you agree. Atleast in some point:).

House Music evolved back in the days from many different musical styles such as Soul, Disco, Rap, RnB and even Rock. With the help of modern technology this hypnotic groove was born. Not to worry, we are not here to lecture, or... :)
In order to understand the true meaning of House Music, it is important to understand bits and pieces of the culture behind it and obviously surrounding rhytms!

How´s that for a statement:)!!

Nuff Said!! Get ready for our fist post...:).. Salute yourself for reading this. Peace


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