torstai 29. tammikuuta 2009

Glimpse of 2007...Dj 3rrd in the mix

I was going through my computer the other day and got caught with this mix i did few years back. At the time i didn´t give it to anybody, exept few of my friends and promoters.
You might remember how hard the House scene was changing back in 06-07, with all this minimal and Tek influences almost run over the real Deep house sound. At the time i was struglin´ to keep my house sound pure, if yaknowhatimeen, heh!! At times, you can hear it in this mix also.


By the way the intro is a live clip from the interview with Incognito´s Jean-Paul (Bluey) Maunick that i did with my man Dj Ais-T in 07. 

(Sorry, i couldn´t find the tracklist....)                           

maanantai 26. tammikuuta 2009

Blown away......Henrik Schwarz LIVE

(That´s me and Kati (Redrum´s promoter)..Feelin´House!

At this point, i gotta give big shout to all the people who came down to support Tru House music culture in Redrum. Henrik Schwarz- Live was OFF THE  HOOK. Let me tell you.....woooo haa hiiiiiiiiiii!

Still smiling when i think about it. The set was surpricingly soulful, a lot of vocals, rhytms, key patterns and of course a twist of tekhy ingredients to really lift the spirit of real House music to the next level. A lot of fellow colleques came down also to feast their ears to Henrik´s vibes.

Top: Eppu (Nu Spirit HKI), Dj Tomi K (House Party), DJ Ais-T (Music People) & Flipperi (Top Billin´)
Above: Dj J-Laini (Top Billin´) & Lil Tony (Redrum, FBI, etc etc..)

The live set was carried out with Appleton Live and a controller (as far as i know), but to be true to the matter i was surpriced again how good it sounded. He is also developed as a live performer since i last saw the dude. So big up 4 dat also. Enough chit chattin´ ,  In the live footage you can see some familiar House Party cats groovin behind the actual Dj booth.. Who is he what is he to you, H. S. remix, it´s still on a bootleg tip, big as tune......;)!
Henrik Schwarz House Party salute you!

(Yes i know, the sound quality is fucked up... But i made my point a cross, right!:)

keskiviikko 21. tammikuuta 2009

Art of Henrik Schwarz..

Due the fact that one of our favorite producers Henrik Schwarz is coming to Helsinki 
(Cosmic City pres. Innervisions Night 24.1.@ Redrum) we decided to give you little sample of this Berlin based musical maestros undisputed artistical talent of remixing.

originalle released in 92 by Danny Tenaglias Code 718 alias Equinox is the true Garage classic with a spark of techno hidden in it.

Year 2009 Strictly Rhythm released updated remix package with henrik´s beautiful artwork included.
U gotta love this! Salute

torstai 15. tammikuuta 2009

Breakfast music from Detroit!

I had a dream breakfast the other day! 
While i was eatin´i though of this song from Detroits finest soulful House producer Terrence Parker. The album Detroit after Dark was released in 1997. Beautiful album with brilliant downtempo production with a touch of House music aesthetics. What can you expect from a guy who spins with a old School phone receiver as a Dj headphone!!

tiistai 13. tammikuuta 2009

Classic Alert # 2, Feelin Smack Productions...


Just came from the gym and was bangin´this tune in my headphones and dancing at the same time. You can imagine how weird that looked for those bodybuilders pumpin´dat benchpress haaaard!:)....That´s right, very weird!
Let it be known, I luuv this kind of raw soulful garage. ! 
Who else could it be than the original Smack Productions on the beat and ever so warm Colonel Abrams singing the vocals like there´s no tomorrow. 
You just can´t deny that these guys behind the legendary Smack production team have created something magical, when it comes to House groove. 

perjantai 9. tammikuuta 2009

CD shoppin´..

Go Cd shoppin´, i highly recommend!..

On my way from work this collection came my way from local record shop for only 3e.
Released in 99´ on Universal and lisenced from Strictly Rhythm.
The man behind Wamdue Project is Chris Brann surprisingly from ATL. "I was almost certain that he´s from NY before now hehee..".
However, his contribution to Soulful House music is huge (Google him!), so lets not go there.
Interesting fact with this collection is that it was compiled by Nidal Sadeq (some unknown dude from the label and not the artist himself)... Unfortunately. 
Anyway, Feast your ears with this beautiful and hypnotic deep house tune. Guaranteed, you won´t be cold anymore.
By the way, to my knowledge this track has never seen vinyl release, correct me if i´m wrong!;)

Why Not!!!!...

Move ur Body...
Biggest streetdance weekend in Finland! Nuff´said, the best of the best from saturdays Juste Debout Finland & Baltic  qualifications are going to the main event in Paris the end of Feb.
This year the judges are off the hook. Gotta give a massive shout to Sha from NYC. Well respected oldschool House Dancer, smooth as hell and even skinier than i am!

torstai 8. tammikuuta 2009

House Dance...

Hello folks, 
House Dance is essential part of House Music culture. Dance itself Originally evolved from tap dance, afro, Breakdance, Jazz, popping etc.....and finally found it´s known form. 
In Finland the scene has been slowly building, thanks to some people who didn´t lose their faith for the music and movement with it.

Here is a wicked sample of the dance style we call House.
 I kind of like these French dudes Mamson and Crappi, who make it look so easy. I actually found Ame´s big hit Rej all over again.

keskiviikko 7. tammikuuta 2009

House Party LIVE in the Mix..

Check out live mix from our party last weekend!!!
House Party residents Dj 3rrd and Smoodie teemed up with one of our favorite Dj/Producer Rich or "Turun Louie Vega" as we call him. (Turku is a city quite near to HKI).
The outcome is deep, soulfull and yet versatile mix of raw underground house.