maanantai 26. tammikuuta 2009

Blown away......Henrik Schwarz LIVE

(That´s me and Kati (Redrum´s promoter)..Feelin´House!

At this point, i gotta give big shout to all the people who came down to support Tru House music culture in Redrum. Henrik Schwarz- Live was OFF THE  HOOK. Let me tell you.....woooo haa hiiiiiiiiiii!

Still smiling when i think about it. The set was surpricingly soulful, a lot of vocals, rhytms, key patterns and of course a twist of tekhy ingredients to really lift the spirit of real House music to the next level. A lot of fellow colleques came down also to feast their ears to Henrik´s vibes.

Top: Eppu (Nu Spirit HKI), Dj Tomi K (House Party), DJ Ais-T (Music People) & Flipperi (Top Billin´)
Above: Dj J-Laini (Top Billin´) & Lil Tony (Redrum, FBI, etc etc..)

The live set was carried out with Appleton Live and a controller (as far as i know), but to be true to the matter i was surpriced again how good it sounded. He is also developed as a live performer since i last saw the dude. So big up 4 dat also. Enough chit chattin´ ,  In the live footage you can see some familiar House Party cats groovin behind the actual Dj booth.. Who is he what is he to you, H. S. remix, it´s still on a bootleg tip, big as tune......;)!
Henrik Schwarz House Party salute you!

(Yes i know, the sound quality is fucked up... But i made my point a cross, right!:)

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