perjantai 9. tammikuuta 2009

CD shoppin´..

Go Cd shoppin´, i highly recommend!..

On my way from work this collection came my way from local record shop for only 3e.
Released in 99´ on Universal and lisenced from Strictly Rhythm.
The man behind Wamdue Project is Chris Brann surprisingly from ATL. "I was almost certain that he´s from NY before now hehee..".
However, his contribution to Soulful House music is huge (Google him!), so lets not go there.
Interesting fact with this collection is that it was compiled by Nidal Sadeq (some unknown dude from the label and not the artist himself)... Unfortunately. 
Anyway, Feast your ears with this beautiful and hypnotic deep house tune. Guaranteed, you won´t be cold anymore.
By the way, to my knowledge this track has never seen vinyl release, correct me if i´m wrong!;)

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