perjantai 27. helmikuuta 2009

3Rrd love Japan....

Greetings from Japan everybody. Finally i made my trip to the land of a rising sun. I travelled through Tokio, Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto to see the fantastic culture of Japan. Most important of course, i travelled through the record heaven which Japan by any means is. I mostly bought 90´s Hip-hop, R´n´B and House (That´s a different story tough:).

However, alltough i was busy to diggin´in the crates luckily i had a change to mingle with my lap top while i was Kyoto (No record stores there!!) and made this summer orientated edit. 
From us to you, hope you enjoy it as much as i do. The original by the way is titled in Japan so honestly i don´t have a clue of the song name so i created my own.!!;)


torstai 26. helmikuuta 2009



For the first time we are taking out House Party jams to Kuudes Linja in Kallio area (10 minutes away from the central HKI). Dancefloor is wkd and sound system even better.
So much looking forward to this one!


I will leave you with this live promo mix, we did the another day over some few beers and turntables. (Sorry no tracklist this time. Will include one from now on, cos you know how hard it is when you´re just jamming with some records..)

keskiviikko 25. helmikuuta 2009

The Soul Collectors

I have to post this video here! Theo Parrish was chillig here in Finland on sunday and he went to Timmion records studio. Didier Selin, Dj Ais-T and Theo had little jamming session! Enjoy.

sunnuntai 22. helmikuuta 2009

Thanks Theo!

First of all I wanna say how great, nice and down to earth guy Theo Parrish is. When he arrived to kuudes linja- club he came to me and dj Anonymous, introduced himself and told us how excited he was to be in Finland. I had a good chat with him after the gig. We talked about edits and mp3 music. Those edits! Theo played crazy James Brown edit and I have to say it was a GOOD one!! Over 20 minutes long, beautiful edit. Theo told me that he was sad James Brown died, and he made it as a tribute to James. He uses 3 different James Brown- song in that edit- and the way he uses them is just amazing!! He also said that maybe it´s a future Ugly edit? I hope so. He is also dissapointed in mp3- music and serato. He thinks dj- sets have changed a lot since serato came. He thinks that it is odd that a Dj can bring all his music to a club and choose from over 3000 songs. He doesn't understand how serato- dj´s can look at a computer screen for 6 hours in a row. Theo thinks you have to feel the music in your hand and in your mind. Gigs are totally different if you have over 3000 mp3 songs to choose from or if you have a 100 especially chosen vinyls. Thanks Theo for everything and I hope that I´ll see you soon! We have the whole gig recorded and we`ll try to send it here soon.

Photos from the party

perjantai 20. helmikuuta 2009

Friday night house part 2

I have been really feeling this tune lately. It is a Kerri Chandler song that he made 1998. BIG intro, long one too and when the beat starts. You know it, that this is tune for the dance floors. I hope that you enjoy it like i do!

Kerri Chandler - Love Will Find A Way (Players mix)

maanantai 16. helmikuuta 2009


Okay people, it's time to search your dancing shoes and hit to kuudeslinja this saturday 21.2! It's THEO PARRISH time!!! So many Finnish people have waited this for sooooo.. long time! I had little Theo Parrish special in our radio show. Check the playlist here!

And something from Theo:

Theo Parrish - That day

tiistai 10. helmikuuta 2009


It's now 3 years since one of the greatest hip hop- producers Jaydee aka J Dilla died of desease called lupus. I had a Dilla tribute on our radio show (Soul-pesula) at bassoradio ( Just wanna say that I totally respect all his production and MC skills. He died too young. Im glad that his brother keeps Dilla legacy alive. One of the biggest hip hop- albums in 2008 to me was Illa J - Yancey boys. Beats in the album are old ones by Jaydee, that he made in mid 90's. But here is the list that i played:

1.jaydee - welcome to detroit - bbe
2.jaylib - the message - stones throw
3.illa j - timeless (inst) - delicious vinyl
4.steve spacek - eve (jay dee remix) - blue
5.slum village - things you do - longplayer
6.billy paul - let the dollar circulate - philadelphia
7.steve spacek - let the dollar circulate (jay dee remix) - soundincolor
8.erykah badu - didn't cha know - motown
9.janet jackson feat q-tip - got til it's gone - virgin
10.james brown - it's a man's man's man's world - pe international
11.guilty simpson - man's world - white label
12.pharcyde - she said (jaydee remix) - delicious vinyl
13.illa j - struggelin (inst) - delicious vinyl
14.bobby caldwell - open your eyes - clouds
15.common - the light - universal
16.slum village - forth and back - longplayer
17.dillagence - takin whats mine - white label
18.tribe called quest - get a hold - jive la soul - stakes is high - tommy boy
20.little indian - one little indian - premeditated
21.rene costy - scrabble - dynamite soul
22.jaydee - fuck the police - upabove
23.phat kat - destiny - barak
24.anita baker - good love - elektra
25.tribe called quest - stressed out - jive
26.pharcyde - runnin (inst) - delicious vinyl
27.pharcyde runnin - delicious vinyl
28.sylvia - sweet stuff - vibration
29.jaydee - crushin (yeeeeaaahh) - stones throw
30.jaydee - think twice - bbe
31.slum village - i don't know - wordplay
32.aquarius - heavy duty - aquarius records
33.jaylib - heavy - stones throw
34.j dilla - so far to go (inst) - bbe
35.illa j - all good (inst) - delicious vinyl
36.illa j - all good - delicious vinyl

And here is a bonus track:

Illa J - Swagger

perjantai 6. helmikuuta 2009

Friday night house

Okay folks, Jason hit the road for 2 weeks and I just came home from work. Its friday night and tomorrow we have House party- night at Club Redrum. I think this is good song to start a weekend and friday night. Everybody remember the disco boogie song Midway - Set it out? Right? Some dudes have made nice deep soulful house tune using the Set it out- vocals, totally feeling the song and vibe over there! But, here is the track. See you tomorrow!

Bittersuite - Basic elements part 1(Set it out)

torstai 5. helmikuuta 2009

Male House!!!

Term Male House is interesting, House music with male vocalist! Da:)
Mad respect for my man Sir Nenis from Top Billin´-collective who got me enlighten with the term. 
Here is a fine example of what i´m talking about.

This first clip is a tune from my man from Detroit..again ..Terrence Parker. I think this is an german bootleg, cause i´ve never seen it on vinyl anywhere. Sample however is familiar. Ladies and Gents, superior male vocalist Jamie Foxx everybody....

Male House, that all we need!!!!!!!:)

tiistai 3. helmikuuta 2009

Freeesh Sneaks aka Soul Control...

So happy right now, just got these wicked trainers and heard that legendary producer from Detroit THEO PARRISH is coming to town. There are few people in HKI who´se dream will come true in three weeks time. I am also very proud to see my next man Dj Smoodie warming up the croud with Dj Anonymous. 
What could go wrong!!!!!???? NOTHING!.. 

To remind you, why Theo Parrish is the our hero check the tune i´ve posted.....oh my god.

JUST BEAUTIFUL SOUL CONTROL, just like my Nike Air Structure Triax 91´s

maanantai 2. helmikuuta 2009


Many of you have noticed that even more and more good edits are coming out. There are many new names that make amazing disco and soul edits. Here are few names that I respect a lot; Mark E, Dj Day, 6th borough project. Don't forget those old edit kings; Theo Parris and Todd Terje. One day I bumped into this new guy I never heard before, named Funkhunt. Really nice and soulful edit here. When i heard the song first time goose gumps went thrue my body and I smiled whole day. But here is the edit, hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Dee Dee Sharp - Nobody could ever take your place (funkhunt re-cut edit)