tiistai 10. helmikuuta 2009


It's now 3 years since one of the greatest hip hop- producers Jaydee aka J Dilla died of desease called lupus. I had a Dilla tribute on our radio show (Soul-pesula) at bassoradio (www.basso.fi). Just wanna say that I totally respect all his production and MC skills. He died too young. Im glad that his brother keeps Dilla legacy alive. One of the biggest hip hop- albums in 2008 to me was Illa J - Yancey boys. Beats in the album are old ones by Jaydee, that he made in mid 90's. But here is the list that i played:

1.jaydee - welcome to detroit - bbe
2.jaylib - the message - stones throw
3.illa j - timeless (inst) - delicious vinyl
4.steve spacek - eve (jay dee remix) - blue
5.slum village - things you do - longplayer
6.billy paul - let the dollar circulate - philadelphia
7.steve spacek - let the dollar circulate (jay dee remix) - soundincolor
8.erykah badu - didn't cha know - motown
9.janet jackson feat q-tip - got til it's gone - virgin
10.james brown - it's a man's man's man's world - pe international
11.guilty simpson - man's world - white label
12.pharcyde - she said (jaydee remix) - delicious vinyl
13.illa j - struggelin (inst) - delicious vinyl
14.bobby caldwell - open your eyes - clouds
15.common - the light - universal
16.slum village - forth and back - longplayer
17.dillagence - takin whats mine - white label
18.tribe called quest - get a hold - jive
19.de la soul - stakes is high - tommy boy
20.little indian - one little indian - premeditated
21.rene costy - scrabble - dynamite soul
22.jaydee - fuck the police - upabove
23.phat kat - destiny - barak
24.anita baker - good love - elektra
25.tribe called quest - stressed out - jive
26.pharcyde - runnin (inst) - delicious vinyl
27.pharcyde runnin - delicious vinyl
28.sylvia - sweet stuff - vibration
29.jaydee - crushin (yeeeeaaahh) - stones throw
30.jaydee - think twice - bbe
31.slum village - i don't know - wordplay
32.aquarius - heavy duty - aquarius records
33.jaylib - heavy - stones throw
34.j dilla - so far to go (inst) - bbe
35.illa j - all good (inst) - delicious vinyl
36.illa j - all good - delicious vinyl

And here is a bonus track:

Illa J - Swagger

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