sunnuntai 22. helmikuuta 2009

Thanks Theo!

First of all I wanna say how great, nice and down to earth guy Theo Parrish is. When he arrived to kuudes linja- club he came to me and dj Anonymous, introduced himself and told us how excited he was to be in Finland. I had a good chat with him after the gig. We talked about edits and mp3 music. Those edits! Theo played crazy James Brown edit and I have to say it was a GOOD one!! Over 20 minutes long, beautiful edit. Theo told me that he was sad James Brown died, and he made it as a tribute to James. He uses 3 different James Brown- song in that edit- and the way he uses them is just amazing!! He also said that maybe it´s a future Ugly edit? I hope so. He is also dissapointed in mp3- music and serato. He thinks dj- sets have changed a lot since serato came. He thinks that it is odd that a Dj can bring all his music to a club and choose from over 3000 songs. He doesn't understand how serato- dj´s can look at a computer screen for 6 hours in a row. Theo thinks you have to feel the music in your hand and in your mind. Gigs are totally different if you have over 3000 mp3 songs to choose from or if you have a 100 especially chosen vinyls. Thanks Theo for everything and I hope that I´ll see you soon! We have the whole gig recorded and we`ll try to send it here soon.

Photos from the party

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  1. Missed him again, seems I always am out of town where/when he performs. :( Berlin last year, HKI this time. Hopefully, that gig record will be available soon. Big up, Theo!