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The Facts:

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What can I say about this band? 3 guys from Japan named Shigekazu Ohtake - Drums, Tsuyoshi Kosuga - Guitar & Bass and Takumi Kaneko - Keyboard. They play spacey disco, soul and house music live. When I first heard their music I was sold! It was 2006 when their first album Cro-Magnon came out, it was one of the best albums that year for me. Really nice and groovy album there. 2008 they made 2 ep:s called Mellow out & acoustic, where they play soul, hip hop and house classics live. I noticed that they are huge fans of Moodymann!! In both ep's they have 1 Moodymann cover. In first ep they have Black Mahogani and in second one they have played Technologystolemyvinyle live. I hope we will manage to get them here soon. Here is a nice live video from their gig!

And something special for my people:

Moodymann - Mahogany brown

Cro-Magnon - Black mahogani

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Father like son!!!.....giggles:)

Greetings People,
When Barry White passed away July 4th 2003, (R.I.P) I honestly thought there´s not gonna be another soulful voice with such a warm deep tone like that. Cos´to be honest, you can´t compete with "Mr. Staying power".....unless you´re his blood.
It didn´t take me long to figure this out:)!

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Vacation rhytms by Karizma.....The Power

Back in bitness people, 
Just got back from awesome activity holiday from Katinkulta holiday resort North Finland.
Ou boe, i had busy schedule during my 4 day stay as my girlfriend pushed my physics to the limit....huuuuhhhh. Tennis, gym, swimming, snowboarding, cross country etc...
The outcome....spiritual resurrection....(see the picture). Now i have more power to continue writing this blog for instance (heh,,heh).

I´m leaving you with this tune from Karizma.I was feelin this all over again while training my abs to the addition check the interview i found recently while cruising in the web!!! 

"yes, we are doing our best to get him to House Party..not to worry!!")

Personally i think this is one of the best Karizma releases up to date.:)...released 1999...

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Friday night house part 4

Friday is here and I have been really feeling this tune today. Deep, slow and freaky song. I'am a huge fan of slow house 105 bpm to 115 bpm. And this is slow house that I really like. I hope that this kind of house is the thing for you too. This dance classic came out in 1997 and the label is Loop-d-loop. Check other Pal Joey things and pieces too. Have a nice weekend!!

Pal Joey - My girl

tiistai 10. maaliskuuta 2009

Lunch Time music!

I had a perfect lunch today!

I´ve been kinda frustrated lately with the lunch options in Helsinki central. So i intend to cook at home. Today i´ve desided to go out for a lunch with my collegue. By mistake i found this recently opened place in the crossing of "Fredikinkatu" and "Annankatu" called Enjoy it!
Two lunch with a price of one it said, and we got curious. We ordered sweet chicken wrapped around a mysterious leaf and coconut rise on a side. Ahhhhhhh maaaaaann that was good.
On top of all the music was exellent (Basso Radio 102.8). Eclektic vibes for perfect lunch, while it was snowing......

I leave you with this tune that reflects my mood after my lunch experience:

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Friday night house part 3

Okay people it's friday and tomorrow we have House party 12. This is song that I usually play early evenings. I don't know why, because this joint is for the dancefloors and late night jamming. Just wanna share this beautiful song with my house lovers. Listen the lyrics, just amazing and beautiful. I hope that near future we can get Alton Miller to play at our House party club ;) I hope that we will see you tomorrow! Have a nice weekend.

Alton Miller - Time waits

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tiistai 3. maaliskuuta 2009

Party TiME...Saga continues..House Party Vol 12..7.3...IN THE MIX

Countdown begins........
I´m all hyped up. To boost this event, we had a House Party Special at the radio (Basso 102.8mhz/ Dj Tomi K came down to contribute our soulful sunday show with selection of modern deep house and some classic cutz. From us to you WITH A TRACKLIST;)

1. Into the Night - Matt Flores
2.Into the Groove - Projam
3.See Line Woman (Dub) - The Songstress
4. Fhly - Dop
5. Word - Moodymanc
6. Innerside - Shazz Feat. Blaze
7. For the Very First time (Dub) - Smoking Beats
8. The Word is Love (Say The Words) - Voices of life (Kot vocal)
9.Rock N Roll - Stacie Kidd

Basso Radio / Soul Pesula / House Party Special Just Click the link:

(Below, ever so fresh Tomi K representing at our party last weekend..) 

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For tha Love of Dance..


As we all now, dancing is important way to express the feelings music gives to us!
House Music particularly is the outcome of this genuine spiritual mindstate. here is a dude from france Joseph Go, who is mainly a New Style (hip-hop) dancer, but as you are about to see is feelin´house to the fullest. By the way some time ago, he paid a visit to our House Party as well, when visiting Helsinki (what can you expect, he he!). Stage is your Joseph!

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Sunday music!

I have always been a huge fan of Tribe called Quest. When I found Tribe I also found Minnie Rippertons sweet and soulful voice. I really liked how they used (sampled) Minnie Rippertons song "Inside my love" to Lyrics to go. Here are both songs from youtube. Also some bonus to all you house heads, this artist named Kirby used the same sample to this house tune.

Minnie Ripperton - Inside my love:

Tribe Called Quest - Lyrics to go:

Kirby - Morning Light