sunnuntai 22. maaliskuuta 2009


What can I say about this band? 3 guys from Japan named Shigekazu Ohtake - Drums, Tsuyoshi Kosuga - Guitar & Bass and Takumi Kaneko - Keyboard. They play spacey disco, soul and house music live. When I first heard their music I was sold! It was 2006 when their first album Cro-Magnon came out, it was one of the best albums that year for me. Really nice and groovy album there. 2008 they made 2 ep:s called Mellow out & acoustic, where they play soul, hip hop and house classics live. I noticed that they are huge fans of Moodymann!! In both ep's they have 1 Moodymann cover. In first ep they have Black Mahogani and in second one they have played Technologystolemyvinyle live. I hope we will manage to get them here soon. Here is a nice live video from their gig!

And something special for my people:

Moodymann - Mahogany brown

Cro-Magnon - Black mahogani

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