tiistai 10. maaliskuuta 2009

Lunch Time music!

I had a perfect lunch today!

I´ve been kinda frustrated lately with the lunch options in Helsinki central. So i intend to cook at home. Today i´ve desided to go out for a lunch with my collegue. By mistake i found this recently opened place in the crossing of "Fredikinkatu" and "Annankatu" called Enjoy it!
Two lunch with a price of one it said, and we got curious. We ordered sweet chicken wrapped around a mysterious leaf and coconut rise on a side. Ahhhhhhh maaaaaann that was good.
On top of all the music was exellent (Basso Radio 102.8). Eclektic vibes for perfect lunch, while it was snowing......

I leave you with this tune that reflects my mood after my lunch experience:

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