tiistai 3. maaliskuuta 2009

Party TiME...Saga continues..House Party Vol 12..7.3...IN THE MIX

Countdown begins........
I´m all hyped up. To boost this event, we had a House Party Special at the radio (Basso 102.8mhz/www.basso.fi). Dj Tomi K came down to contribute our soulful sunday show with selection of modern deep house and some classic cutz. From us to you WITH A TRACKLIST;)

1. Into the Night - Matt Flores
2.Into the Groove - Projam
3.See Line Woman (Dub) - The Songstress
4. Fhly - Dop
5. Word - Moodymanc
6. Innerside - Shazz Feat. Blaze
7. For the Very First time (Dub) - Smoking Beats
8. The Word is Love (Say The Words) - Voices of life (Kot vocal)
9.Rock N Roll - Stacie Kidd

Basso Radio / Soul Pesula / House Party Special Just Click the link:

(Below, ever so fresh Tomi K representing at our party last weekend..) 

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