keskiviikko 18. maaliskuuta 2009

Vacation rhytms by Karizma.....The Power

Back in bitness people, 
Just got back from awesome activity holiday from Katinkulta holiday resort North Finland.
Ou boe, i had busy schedule during my 4 day stay as my girlfriend pushed my physics to the limit....huuuuhhhh. Tennis, gym, swimming, snowboarding, cross country etc...
The outcome....spiritual resurrection....(see the picture). Now i have more power to continue writing this blog for instance (heh,,heh).

I´m leaving you with this tune from Karizma.I was feelin this all over again while training my abs to the addition check the interview i found recently while cruising in the web!!! 

"yes, we are doing our best to get him to House Party..not to worry!!")

Personally i think this is one of the best Karizma releases up to date.:)...released 1999...

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