maanantai 27. huhtikuuta 2009

Funny and innovative...Mr. Scruff - Ninja Tuna album.

This has propably done before, but the way Britain´s own Mr Scruff did it, is sooooou off the hook!!!!

His new album "Ninja Tuna" got released on normal vinyl, cd etc....bonus release was on  memory stick.!!!
This funny piece of fish contains the album on WAV and Mp3 formats......
Some funny shit, ha!!!!

In addition the album is solid!


Huh, hey there everybody,

Last week was interesting. We pressed our first dubplate. What a experience that was.!!!

I´m not going into it too deeply, cos you can see more footage on Basso TV later on (I´ll keep you posted of course). 
I wanna give mad props to Timmion RecordsDj Didier who shared his wisdom with us during the whole procedure. 
Like i said, it was magical...........

Dubplate itself remains just as a vinyl, so no download this time, sorry!
However, we made two cuts: a smooth re-edit of Lil Tonys unreleased track Checkpoint Charlie. Due to release later on this year on Mood Music, as a part of Raw Trax part 2 EP. 
Other edit on our plate was old soul gem from Ace Spectrum - Don´t send nobody else..
.....Support Vinyl!!

tiistai 21. huhtikuuta 2009

Moodymann freeki mf (live)

This is something special from Moodymann. One of the biggest tunes in 2008 was freeki mf. This is the live version from the man himself. At some point Moodymann's gig signature was a white curtain. The reason for that was that he didn´t want people to see him (at some point rumour was that he hated white folks that usually came to his gigs and he didn't want to see them.. rumours and more rumours). But last time he was playing here in Finland there was no white curtain and we saw Detroit legend doing his work and enjoying what he does best!

maanantai 20. huhtikuuta 2009

Mixtape: Meditation 2 Rhytm by Dj 3rrd..

All ya´ll house headz.......I made this 4 you, make shure you get yours.

Meditation 2 Rhythm - Dj 3RRD

1. Intro - You Should Be Dancin´ - Mentalintstrum feat. Colonel Abrams (Accapella) 

2. Deep Drum - Marlon D

3. Crash - Milton Jackson (Jimpster remix)

4. We Can - Rich

5. Circle Track - Mr. V

6. One on One - Dj Silva

7. #5 - Quentin Harris

8. Give it To Me - Filsonik

9. Next Episode - N´Dinga Gaba

10. Mountain 007 - Mountain People

11. Keep Moving - La Pena

12. Going Down - Sacha Dive

13. Ivory - Pepe Gioia

sunnuntai 19. huhtikuuta 2009

Feelin' Sweden part # 2

At last,
More about our trip to Sweden. My man Dj 3rrd told his point of view and here is mine:. Weather was nice and beer tasted really good on a sunny terrace, that was perfect. What about the party? I had big expectations, Timmy Regisford was okay, but not amazing... What is it with those Dj's who take their shirts off and show their big muscles?! That was the thing in 80's and 90's but not in 2009! Sorry i didn't like it! Luckily, overall Sweden was good, people were nice (if you don't tell them you are from Finland.heh..) and party atmosphere was great! Thank you Sweden, Mad Mats, Raw Fusion & Soulmates!

Crate diggin in Stockholm:

More diggin:

Party fotos:

Bodybuilder house music:

Night snack Sweden style:

perjantai 17. huhtikuuta 2009

Friday night house part 5

Another friday and another friday night house tune. Sorry that i haven't written feelin Swden part # 2 yet. I promise that I'll write it next week. Had really nice time in Sweden, like always. Timmy Regisford.. what can I say? Let's wait till next week. Before that, this is the tune for the weekend and for the friday night. Deep, deep, deep house music, there is also little techno vibe on this track. Don't know much about this guy but check his myspace site: Tony Lionni.

Tony Lionni - This feeling

torstai 16. huhtikuuta 2009

Alton Miller covers!

Hey ya´ll,

Our favorite Detroit deep n soulful house don Alton Miller is coming to HKI on 2.5. (Our party ofcourse, heh heh!). He can truly does it all.
I´ve been huge fan of his music a long time, especially his house covers from original soul, Disco and 80´s boogie songs are my favorites.
Here´s an example where Alton takes classic slow jam "Love Ballad", originally recorded by LTD Band and flips it to something else.

Here´s an nice live version of the original from Jeffrey Osbourne to sum it up 4 ya.

Aaa, by the way De La Soul made it also to bit more hip-hopish style on "Grind Date" album.

Funny innit:)!!!!!

Swedish Hip-hop...with Finnish beats...

If ya didn´t know by now, House Party appreciates hip-hop culture like crazy!! Word!

However, i ran into a very decent rap tune from Sweden. Local Pioneer Ken Ring made an cool retrospect on a track called, none other than "Hip-Hop". 
Story is about how he grew up in the middle of so called "Golden age";)!

The beat behind the track is however from Finland. The beat architect is my man Marks from Jyväskylä (300km up north from HKI). Don´t know about you, but the beat blew my mind.
So mad shouts are given, check this shiiiiit out!:

tiistai 14. huhtikuuta 2009

Feelin´ Sweden!!!

Back again!!!!!!!

Hej alla, 

Altough i kinda of hate Swedish House mafia (Pryda and dem..), i kinda luv Stockholm!
On a Eastern Holiday me and
 Smoodie went to Raw Fusion vs Soulmates Party to see one TIMMY REGISFORD. 

Before we go
 into that, i gotta show sum luv to Stocktown!

Only 50 minutes flight or one night boat cruise away, you can actually experiense awesome cosmopolitan atmosphere, that is something totally different than in HKi, (which is suppose to be very Hip at the moment, by t
he way).

Besides the atmosphere, the thing that really blew me away this time was the weather.... again! It seem like the Northern hemisphere doesn´t consist Stockholm. When Helsinki is + 2C°, Stocktown is + 17C°...Thats fucked up, !!!

On top of that, fashion ,architecture and our Hotel breakfast were somewhat on the next level!

Be on the look out....... the next post,  it will be about crazy party with mr. Timmy Regisford....:).......

keskiviikko 8. huhtikuuta 2009

Dj Tiesto don´t care about House Music.....

I have always wondered, what is it with Trance music. Finally the master himself reveals the secter to House Party people....That´s you and me + everybody!

"I Could wommit, record it and people would still buy it.....TRUE!!"

maanantai 6. huhtikuuta 2009


Okay folks, now we can tell everyone that Detroit house pioneer Alton Miller is coming to play at our monthly house party evening on 2nd of May. Just wanna say I have BIG expectations about that night! Thinking of Detroit house producers and dj's this guy has the most soul and sweet, sweet vocals in his production. Clear u'r calendars on 2nd of May because Alton Miller is here. Here's a few sweet tunes from the man himself!!

Alton Miller - Chasing dreams

Alton Miller - Choose to believe (Original full vocal)

Just Dance...Street SM 09

Yess Ya´ll, i was there!

As a House music enthusiast i was invited to spin Finnish national champs House 1 on 1 battles in Tampere (175km from Hki). After our House Parties on saturday, you can imagine how tired i was....huuuhhhuuu. Slept like 2 hours and thre i went again.
However the day went well and i was positively surprised of the quality of dance. Mad shouts to dancers participated the House style and organisers of course for inviting me.

Grand Price in the House battle went to my man "Laza" from OULU. Congrats!!!!
I shared the decks with Dj Mercy-1 from infamous Flow Mo Crew. His selection in Poppin´, Locking and New Style battles always seems to amaze me, besides few over cheesy mainstream bangers. Oh well, that´s what rap music is nowadays. Dancers didn´t mind tough....

Here are few tunes that i played during the battle to get the picture..

Crash (Jimpster remix) - Milton Jackson
Track 1 (Reel to Reel mix) - Kerri Chandler
The Fall guy - Russ Gabriel
Circle Track - Mr V
Alibi (Dennis Ferrer remix) - Reel People
My Sound - 83 west
I Cling - Deetron
We Can - Rich (Representing my ciel´u family)...big tune....
Deep Drum - Marlon D
Walking in my sleep - Schlomi Aber
One to One - Dj Silva
Nothin´But - Ricky L etc......... aaaaah almost forgot i played Robin S - Show me love as the last song in final...uuuuhwiiii...people went crazy, wonder why!!!;)

lauantai 4. huhtikuuta 2009

Berlin point of view...

As my first post to this wonderful blog I'd like to say a couple good words about the amazing Berliners!

As you all might know already, I've been a huge fan of soulful house from the beginning of my deejay career and most of this music used to come from Ameeerica. Lots of cool stuff still comes from there, but I have to say these Berlin guys are the superstars at the moment. Their influence on the dancefloors around the world and also among the harder dance music lovers is huge. I've noticed it bringing these hard heads closer to my kind thing... Amazing Berliners brining two worlds closer together? ;) I think you can hear their style even in some of the American sound nowadays... And I have to say that from the very beginning their stuff has been very intellectual and different. The world conquering started with Ame, then came Dixon and now it's all about Henrik Schwarz. 

And have to thank Lil' Tony at this point for bringing these guys here over and over again... 

Anyway here's a couple youtube clip's for you guys!

Enjoy, Tomi


HUGE CLUB HIT FROM HENRIK! Already a classic....

Henrik Interview:

perjantai 3. huhtikuuta 2009

PARTY TiME...Saga continues..House Party Vol 13..4.4 @ REDRUM (HKI)


As you should know by now, House Party spirit is all about the MUSIC!!!
To demonstrate my point of view here, i found few blazing remixes of our favorite Troubled Man, Mr. Marvin Gaye. 
Both tunes are quite slept over, so it´s about time to bring justice to this cold world, don´t you agree;).

First one is semi hard to find bootlegish release from Kerri Chandler.. 12´ hhhhmm, i don´t think you can ever find it, but Marvin Gaye Remix combilation..yes, check:

Second version is badass bootleg from KARIZMA,  as far as i know, the joint is only released on youtube, so enjoy!!

aaa..and KARIZMA, IF YA READ THIS, GIVE ME A RING..need this tune;)! Cya at the parrrty!!

torstai 2. huhtikuuta 2009

Moodymann anotha black sunday

Great record! Buy it.. But this made me laugh!

keskiviikko 1. huhtikuuta 2009

Classic Alert # 3...Don´t Stop The Feelin´

Sun is Shining...It´s time for classic.

I´ve been thinking to post this tune for a long time. Lucky for me and you,  today is the day.
It´s not that long when i bought this and it wasn´t even that expensive (6e, heh heh). 
The tune it self is soulful uptempo deep garage. Groove is absolutely heavenly (see the cover, heh). Love the vocal also.

Hot Tip people! Buy the vinyl if ya find it or get it from House Party HKI-blog!;)...

Don´t miss our next event 4.4 Saturday @ Redrum HKI