torstai 16. huhtikuuta 2009

Alton Miller covers!

Hey ya´ll,

Our favorite Detroit deep n soulful house don Alton Miller is coming to HKI on 2.5. (Our party ofcourse, heh heh!). He can truly does it all.
I´ve been huge fan of his music a long time, especially his house covers from original soul, Disco and 80´s boogie songs are my favorites.
Here´s an example where Alton takes classic slow jam "Love Ballad", originally recorded by LTD Band and flips it to something else.

Here´s an nice live version of the original from Jeffrey Osbourne to sum it up 4 ya.

Aaa, by the way De La Soul made it also to bit more hip-hopish style on "Grind Date" album.

Funny innit:)!!!!!

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