maanantai 27. huhtikuuta 2009


Huh, hey there everybody,

Last week was interesting. We pressed our first dubplate. What a experience that was.!!!

I´m not going into it too deeply, cos you can see more footage on Basso TV later on (I´ll keep you posted of course). 
I wanna give mad props to Timmion RecordsDj Didier who shared his wisdom with us during the whole procedure. 
Like i said, it was magical...........

Dubplate itself remains just as a vinyl, so no download this time, sorry!
However, we made two cuts: a smooth re-edit of Lil Tonys unreleased track Checkpoint Charlie. Due to release later on this year on Mood Music, as a part of Raw Trax part 2 EP. 
Other edit on our plate was old soul gem from Ace Spectrum - Don´t send nobody else..
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