sunnuntai 19. huhtikuuta 2009

Feelin' Sweden part # 2

At last,
More about our trip to Sweden. My man Dj 3rrd told his point of view and here is mine:. Weather was nice and beer tasted really good on a sunny terrace, that was perfect. What about the party? I had big expectations, Timmy Regisford was okay, but not amazing... What is it with those Dj's who take their shirts off and show their big muscles?! That was the thing in 80's and 90's but not in 2009! Sorry i didn't like it! Luckily, overall Sweden was good, people were nice (if you don't tell them you are from Finland.heh..) and party atmosphere was great! Thank you Sweden, Mad Mats, Raw Fusion & Soulmates!

Crate diggin in Stockholm:

More diggin:

Party fotos:

Bodybuilder house music:

Night snack Sweden style:

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