tiistai 14. huhtikuuta 2009

Feelin´ Sweden!!!

Back again!!!!!!!

Hej alla, 

Altough i kinda of hate Swedish House mafia (Pryda and dem..), i kinda luv Stockholm!
On a Eastern Holiday me and
 Smoodie went to Raw Fusion vs Soulmates Party to see one TIMMY REGISFORD. 

Before we go
 into that, i gotta show sum luv to Stocktown!

Only 50 minutes flight or one night boat cruise away, you can actually experiense awesome cosmopolitan atmosphere, that is something totally different than in HKi, (which is suppose to be very Hip at the moment, by t
he way).

Besides the atmosphere, the thing that really blew me away this time was the weather.... again! It seem like the Northern hemisphere doesn´t consist Stockholm. When Helsinki is + 2C°, Stocktown is + 17C°...Thats fucked up, !!!

On top of that, fashion ,architecture and our Hotel breakfast were somewhat on the next level!

Be on the look out....... the next post,  it will be about crazy party with mr. Timmy Regisford....:).......

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