maanantai 6. huhtikuuta 2009

Just Dance...Street SM 09

Yess Ya´ll, i was there!

As a House music enthusiast i was invited to spin Finnish national champs House 1 on 1 battles in Tampere (175km from Hki). After our House Parties on saturday, you can imagine how tired i was....huuuhhhuuu. Slept like 2 hours and thre i went again.
However the day went well and i was positively surprised of the quality of dance. Mad shouts to dancers participated the House style and organisers of course for inviting me.

Grand Price in the House battle went to my man "Laza" from OULU. Congrats!!!!
I shared the decks with Dj Mercy-1 from infamous Flow Mo Crew. His selection in Poppin´, Locking and New Style battles always seems to amaze me, besides few over cheesy mainstream bangers. Oh well, that´s what rap music is nowadays. Dancers didn´t mind tough....

Here are few tunes that i played during the battle to get the picture..

Crash (Jimpster remix) - Milton Jackson
Track 1 (Reel to Reel mix) - Kerri Chandler
The Fall guy - Russ Gabriel
Circle Track - Mr V
Alibi (Dennis Ferrer remix) - Reel People
My Sound - 83 west
I Cling - Deetron
We Can - Rich (Representing my ciel´u family)...big tune....
Deep Drum - Marlon D
Walking in my sleep - Schlomi Aber
One to One - Dj Silva
Nothin´But - Ricky L etc......... aaaaah almost forgot i played Robin S - Show me love as the last song in final...uuuuhwiiii...people went crazy, wonder why!!!;)

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