keskiviikko 27. toukokuuta 2009

Dance, Dance, Dance!!

What it Dew..
On my last trip to Sweden i crashed into this Swedish dancer Niki (Yellow jacket)!
Her dance style is kind of cool, especially the spiritual side made an impression.
Have a look (BTW, i don´t have a clue where this clip has been filmed, but it looks good anyway).

keskiviikko 20. toukokuuta 2009

Mix of The WEEK - SPRINGTIME---Dj Smoodie

What up ya´ll!!

Summer is almost here.....
We definately want to share our good spirit and happy faces with this little treat from Dj Smoodie. Altough this mix is few years old, it´s all so current this time of the year, courtesy of MIX OF THE WEEK -page. This legendary Finnish site, hostet by old school house veteran Dj Pirkka it not been active in few years now, but you can still download some very decent material made before the Serato-age;)..heh!!

    Panache: Interlude (Koche records LP) 
    Theo Parrish: Lake shore drive (KDJ 12") 
    Purple Flash: We Can Make It [remix] (Environ 12") 2003
    Isoul8 feat. Colonel Red: Happy (Neroli 12") 
    Inverse Cinematics: Shoot The Pianist (Fluid ounce 12") 
    Jon Lucien: Kuenda (RCA LP) 
    Henrik Schwarz: Marvin (Moodmusic 12") 
    Jimmy Edgar: Access rhythm (Warp 12") 
    Erykah Badu: On & On [Summer in Sydney remix] (Turbotrax 12") 
    RSL: Wesley Music (Players 12") 
    Bobby Humphrey: Please Set Me At Ease (Blue note LP) 
    Madlib: Please Set Me At Ease feat. Medaphoar (Blue note 12") 
    James Brown & Dee Felice trio: Sunny (seven up 7") 
    Joyce: Aldeia de ogun (Blue note LP) 
    Bobby Hutcherson: Montara (Blue note LP) 
    A Tribe Called Quest: Jazz (we've got) (Jive 12") 
    NSM: Don't say it (Virgin 12") 

tiistai 19. toukokuuta 2009

Classic video Alert # 1

fi fau fi fam fi fi fiii faa.....

Going through some nice cuts from back in the days, this jewel caught my mind. Originally released 1991 by the infamous Def Mix squad. Frankie seriously went to the next level with this video. I think it´s off the hook. In addition the tune it self is propably one of the most positive tracks up to date. Reminds me that summer is coming!!

keskiviikko 13. toukokuuta 2009

Abe Duque - What happened

Hello you all house party people. It's been while since I wrote my last post here, sorry about that! Dj 3rd C wrote about everything worth knowing about Mike Dunn's gig. But one thing in 3rd C's post headline (Mike Dunn - What happened) made me remember a song called What happened by Abe Duque! It's been a while since I've played this classic tune, but now I'll have to look it up from my record collection. It's a mixture of house, techno and tech house with nice vocals. I have to share this song with you!

Abe Duque - What happened

tiistai 12. toukokuuta 2009

Soul-Pesula radio show Feat. IisiJii

Here is a little download treat for you hungry readers from last sundays radio show when Finnish producer IisiJii paid a visit. His eclectic quest mix of elektronic beats to modern Nu-soul gems and beond included some rare and unreleased footage that blew my mind.
I´ve been more or less a bit lazy on search of this kind of music, but not anymore. Whatta eye opener.
If ya not familiar with Iisijii click here to watch my interview with him on Basso TV.

Soul- Pesula Feat. IisiJii, on Basso Radio 102.8 mhz (


Onra - my comet

Busy - light curtain

Bullion- time for us all to to love

Replife - make it

Hudson mohawke - overnight

Afta-1 - Quest

The sa-ra creative partners - intoxicated

Reggie b- a few steps forward

Miles benjimon - destiny

I g culture pres. zen badizm - girl you need a change of mind

Deborah jordan - Nothing lasts

Family stand - ghetto heaven (soul 2 soul remix)

keskiviikko 6. toukokuuta 2009


Thank you Alton Miller

Wo wot!!!

Our last event (House Party Vol. 14) was a success. Big thanks to all ya´ll made it! (yes I Know!) Maybe not the best day of the month, after all the whole city of Helsinki was drinking 3 days like there´s no tomorrow!
(B.T.W, Labour day "Vappu" in Finland is the most celebrated bank holiday of the year). 

However we managed to get almost a full house of Soulful/Deep House lovers to a place where Alton Miller delivered Deep, smooth, soulfull and artistical selection of tunes from past  two decades. 

However, Detroit was definately in the building, on what comes to deepness!!

Personally i was fascinated the way he played, cos´it wasn´t your ordinare style of building a set.

It was more of a sound spectrum that collected the peaces of the puzzle together. Some might say it was a bit
 lazy performance, i say it was almost perfect. Wooo hiiii!!

(Some cool lookin´ Dj´s or what)

But where was our beloved birthday hero Dj Tomi K??;)

tiistai 5. toukokuuta 2009

RAP CLASSIQUE....Another event 15.5..!!

Hey there, 
Did i tell you our passion towards hip-hop culture also?
It´s Rap Classique time. I´m talking about bad ass rap party for oldschool freaks like us..and of course i´m playing also. 

Do you still remember this?

I absolutely Luuuv the sample:

C u at the parrrrty!

Cuttin Dublate-epiode on Basso TV.

Like I Promised.......

To get back on my post few days ago. Here is the the episode on Basso TV i was telling you about. 
This is what happened when we went to Didiers Studio to cut sum plates!
Hope you enjoy!

Untill the next time:)!!!! Sum downloads to come..