keskiviikko 20. toukokuuta 2009

Mix of The WEEK - SPRINGTIME---Dj Smoodie

What up ya´ll!!

Summer is almost here.....
We definately want to share our good spirit and happy faces with this little treat from Dj Smoodie. Altough this mix is few years old, it´s all so current this time of the year, courtesy of MIX OF THE WEEK -page. This legendary Finnish site, hostet by old school house veteran Dj Pirkka it not been active in few years now, but you can still download some very decent material made before the Serato-age;)..heh!!

    Panache: Interlude (Koche records LP) 
    Theo Parrish: Lake shore drive (KDJ 12") 
    Purple Flash: We Can Make It [remix] (Environ 12") 2003
    Isoul8 feat. Colonel Red: Happy (Neroli 12") 
    Inverse Cinematics: Shoot The Pianist (Fluid ounce 12") 
    Jon Lucien: Kuenda (RCA LP) 
    Henrik Schwarz: Marvin (Moodmusic 12") 
    Jimmy Edgar: Access rhythm (Warp 12") 
    Erykah Badu: On & On [Summer in Sydney remix] (Turbotrax 12") 
    RSL: Wesley Music (Players 12") 
    Bobby Humphrey: Please Set Me At Ease (Blue note LP) 
    Madlib: Please Set Me At Ease feat. Medaphoar (Blue note 12") 
    James Brown & Dee Felice trio: Sunny (seven up 7") 
    Joyce: Aldeia de ogun (Blue note LP) 
    Bobby Hutcherson: Montara (Blue note LP) 
    A Tribe Called Quest: Jazz (we've got) (Jive 12") 
    NSM: Don't say it (Virgin 12") 

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