tiistai 12. toukokuuta 2009

Soul-Pesula radio show Feat. IisiJii

Here is a little download treat for you hungry readers from last sundays radio show when Finnish producer IisiJii paid a visit. His eclectic quest mix of elektronic beats to modern Nu-soul gems and beond included some rare and unreleased footage that blew my mind.
I´ve been more or less a bit lazy on search of this kind of music, but not anymore. Whatta eye opener.
If ya not familiar with Iisijii click here to watch my interview with him on Basso TV.

Soul- Pesula Feat. IisiJii, on Basso Radio 102.8 mhz (www.basso.fi)


Onra - my comet

Busy - light curtain

Bullion- time for us all to to love

Replife - make it

Hudson mohawke - overnight

Afta-1 - Quest

The sa-ra creative partners - intoxicated

Reggie b- a few steps forward

Miles benjimon - destiny

I g culture pres. zen badizm - girl you need a change of mind

Deborah jordan - Nothing lasts

Family stand - ghetto heaven (soul 2 soul remix)

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