keskiviikko 6. toukokuuta 2009


Thank you Alton Miller

Wo wot!!!

Our last event (House Party Vol. 14) was a success. Big thanks to all ya´ll made it! (yes I Know!) Maybe not the best day of the month, after all the whole city of Helsinki was drinking 3 days like there´s no tomorrow!
(B.T.W, Labour day "Vappu" in Finland is the most celebrated bank holiday of the year). 

However we managed to get almost a full house of Soulful/Deep House lovers to a place where Alton Miller delivered Deep, smooth, soulfull and artistical selection of tunes from past  two decades. 

However, Detroit was definately in the building, on what comes to deepness!!

Personally i was fascinated the way he played, cos´it wasn´t your ordinare style of building a set.

It was more of a sound spectrum that collected the peaces of the puzzle together. Some might say it was a bit
 lazy performance, i say it was almost perfect. Wooo hiiii!!

(Some cool lookin´ Dj´s or what)

But where was our beloved birthday hero Dj Tomi K??;)

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