maanantai 8. kesäkuuta 2009

Deep Grooves By Dj Smoodie @ Basso Radio / Soul-Pesula (Download)

Hello ya´ll

Our weekly Radio show at Basso Radio provides you with this nice, half an hour mix from Dj Smoodie. 
Hope you enjoy the journey!!


1.Fourtet feat burial - a moth

white label

2. D'angelo vs simbad - keep da move


3. Nick sole - lost and found


4. Red rack'em - picnic

deep freeze

5.Craig smith & the revenge - the soul part 2 (6th borought remix)


6. Kb project - feel it


7. Kai alce - kzr grav

deep explorer

8. Black ivory - ???

white label

Almost forgot, thanks for everyone who got down with us last weekend at our House Party vol. 15!!! Heavy;)!!!

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