tiistai 23. kesäkuuta 2009

Midsummer hyperventilation!

Sorry for few days hiatus,  back in biz now.
I wasn´t able to post anything cos ´i was in mid Fin to enjoy, and to relax my troubled mind.
Alltough it wasn´t the best weather over in Savo (Means a certain area of middle Finland), i did enjoy my quiet time.
Traditionally Midsummer night is magical and Finninsh people are running around naked or atleast swimming naked like i did after Sauna ofcourse. (During my swimming sessio i took few pics also)

However, my Midsummer hype track has to be a classic. This is a cool edit from our main man from Stocktown Dj Asparagus who did quite good job on givin´this track an little bit of xtra boost, epic style! Btw, his blog is off the hook, check link! Not to be too hyped, he´s coming to
perform to HKI (10.7 House not House @ Nude)...hot tip!

Get, Candi Staton - Young hearts run Free (Dj Asparagus Epic Edit) Here

Ps. Check this funny video made just a few years a go....to be honest don´t know why they re did it, but anyway:)!

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