torstai 9. heinäkuuta 2009


Well, well.. I just have to post another Dj Jus Ed topic. Let's talk about his music... there is a lot of influences from Detroit house and techno, like Moodymann, Rick Wilhite, Omar S, Alton Miller, Theo Parrish... Many of you might think that Jus Ed comes from Detroit but actually he comes from BRIDGEPORT, Connecticut. His sound is always deep and he usually doesn't use vocals in his tracks. Check his myspace¨ site.

This is a great song from him. I've been playing a lot of this 12 inch record. Just wanna share this 1 with you. Check out all his stuff, it`s usually very limited. Support Dj Jus Ed!!!!!

Highway - (Jus-Ed's My Way Remix) (Of The Remix)

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