maanantai 31. elokuuta 2009

Lil´ Louis interview...

I just heard some good news that Chicago legend LIL LOUIS is coming to HKI...(We keep you posted of course, heh)
For those of you who doesn´t know this pioneer.. Here´s a recent interview he did while playing for Djoon-club in Paris.

One to remember....

perjantai 28. elokuuta 2009

torstai 27. elokuuta 2009


Flow 2009 music festival, Helsinki.
One word, outstanding! The line up was dope and versatile as hell. By far, the best festival in Europe this year (and thats a lot). Check Line up if ya don´t believe me;).
However, my job during the festival was hosting, non other than Kerri Chandler and his crew. Kerri Was a cool dude, with manners. So i´m not surprised that with his heart in the game he´s made about 50 classic house tracks. To make long story short, here´s sum pics from incredible festival. 
(Up, Kerri and his tour manager soundchecking the venue)
(Down..that´s my peepz, ya heard)
(Down 2, Kerri spinning)
(Down 3, cool shirt;)
(Down 4, Usual suspects)
(Down 5, Me & Smoodie euforic during Hypnotic Brass ensemble Gig)

tiistai 25. elokuuta 2009

The Boom Boom Dance.

As the dance music culture is always on the look out for new moves. Here´s something worth to check, Chitlins - The Boom Boom Dance (with that name there has to be something special, heh!)

Aaaa, did i mention about quality Jovonn remixes, which is why i´m hyped up:).

maanantai 24. elokuuta 2009

Time Tunnel reprazent!!

Huh, whatta weekend again..

Here´s few piks from my journey to Oulu (500km north from HKI) last weekend, to spin at Time Tunnel. Check more photos from here!

(Down), The Mighty Top Billin´Dj´s J-Laini & Sir Nenis, givin´their all to hungry rave peepz.
Bigups TB for quality company during the trip, good laughs! 

(Up) Our very own Formula legend is even bigger legend in Oulu, local fashion, why not!)

(Up) Venue from outside, impressive huh!!

( Down) Local delicattesse, Kebab Pizza eith mayo, mmmm, been there dunn it) 

I luuv flyin´especially with Finnair and heavy size aircrafts like this:).

All and all, the vibe was good, people seemed to enjoy my set. 

keskiviikko 19. elokuuta 2009

We Play only Vinyls...

Here is House Not House Schedule for August, September & November..Don´t sleep.
Our guests this are two up n coming House dudes Konstantin & Elmo playing quality non stop jackin´stuff on vinyl of course, heh.
This little party re-up is from their set recorded some few weeks ago in Beatroot Bar(HKI).
Worth checkin mos definately:

maanantai 10. elokuuta 2009

Kerri is comin´to HKI

Due the up n comin´Flow-Festival in Helsinki. Our definite hero Kerri Chandler is coming to town. He is performing on saturday and i was honored to host him during his visit to Finny.
Here few amazing clips on how he hopefully performs to hungry Finnish house headz.

keskiviikko 5. elokuuta 2009


Aaahhh.. What a record! I know that this is a blog about house music, but sometimes i just have to talk about hip hop, jazz and crate diggin´. This is the album Dilla sampled Slum Village's "Fall in Love" from. I have tried to find this record for a long time and finally i got it! I'll try to do Dilla sample mix very soon!! YES...

tiistai 4. elokuuta 2009

Step ya game up - NY

As i told you earlier, i visited NY during my holidays..
I got chance to visit local dance battle "Step ya Game Up", hosted by Elite Crew pioneers, Buddah Strech & Bobby Mileage.
The Event itself was ok, i mean not the best i´ve been, since the soundsystem was awful and you couldn´t actually drink inside (even water...NY, summer, hot as hell, no water...shiiiie).
Otherwise i had a blast, not to mention the quality of styles introduced in the!!!
I still would´ve given the final house battle the other way...see for yourself.


maanantai 3. elokuuta 2009

Monthly sneaker tips!

Hey peeps, 

Whatta weekend we had...still recovering;)...huuh.
Before manage to collect some parrty pics, here are our monthly sneaker tips provided by local shoe fetish heaven POPOT.

Pik 1 above
New just released Nike Air max 1 QS & Air Maxim 1
Original Air Max needs no intruduction..beautifull piece of art.
Air Maxim (White and Blue), is a classic Air Max lookalike but with updated technology, definately worth checkin´.

Pik 2 Underneath
Wow, this shoe got me amplified. Banging colours with smooth materials.
Hhhhmmm..perfect shoe for...anything!! HOT TIP