torstai 27. elokuuta 2009


Flow 2009 music festival, Helsinki.
One word, outstanding! The line up was dope and versatile as hell. By far, the best festival in Europe this year (and thats a lot). Check Line up if ya don´t believe me;).
However, my job during the festival was hosting, non other than Kerri Chandler and his crew. Kerri Was a cool dude, with manners. So i´m not surprised that with his heart in the game he´s made about 50 classic house tracks. To make long story short, here´s sum pics from incredible festival. 
(Up, Kerri and his tour manager soundchecking the venue)
(Down..that´s my peepz, ya heard)
(Down 2, Kerri spinning)
(Down 3, cool shirt;)
(Down 4, Usual suspects)
(Down 5, Me & Smoodie euforic during Hypnotic Brass ensemble Gig)

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