torstai 22. lokakuuta 2009

Francois Kevorkian @ Redrum

Ooopps.. Long awaited New York disco- and house legend is coming to Finland for the first time! Resident of the legendary Body n soul club, amazing producer.. and the list goes on and on! Dj Lil Tony told me that he has tried to book this guy like 10 years.. and finally finnish party people will witness some unique sounds of Francois Kevorkia. I have to say, I feel lucky that I have witnessed the true Body n soul club at the Tribeca club Vinyl (later named ARC). That Sunday afternoon was truely amazing experience to a young guy!

Is it too much to share these 2 classics??

Dinosaur L - Go bang (Francois Kevorkian mix)

Nina Simone - Here comes the sun (Francois Kevorkian mix)

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