torstai 8. lokakuuta 2009

Guest Mix by Rich Granberg..(Download)

To celebrate our House Not House party friday the 16.10 @ NUDE
One of my favorite Finnish house Dj´s Rich Granberg provided this TIGHT guest mix for ya´ll to get hyped up...
                       (Me & Rich, back in the day in our radio show at Basso)

HOUSE Yes HOUSE By: Rich Granberg


01. Just Felix feat. Santos - "Six Red Apples (Santos Mix)" (Yoruba)
02. Sage Monk - "Baram Bakie" (Offering)
03. Roy Davis Jr. - "Good Life (Alton Miller Inner Dub)" (Mixed Signals)
04. Mustafa feat. Natalia - "Circles (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Remix)" (Tony)
05. Ezel feat. Carlos Mena & Djinji Brown - "Thunderbolts" (Ocha)
06. Manuel Tur feat. Alexander East - "Will Be Mine (Arto Mwambe Vocal Mix)" (Freerange)
07. Kay Suzuki - "Something To Say (Souled Remix)" (Fresh Minute)
08. Demarkus Lewis - "The Shiny Shirt (Honeymooner´s Remix)" (Animus Rhytm)
09. Gruber & Nurnberg - "Traffic (Agnes Remix)" (Bloob)
10. Aaron-Carl - "I Refuse (Quentin Harris Remix)" (Wall Shaker)
11. Silver Haze feat. Jalyn - "State Of Emergency" (Ill Friction)
12. Jerk House Connection feat. Akra - "Each & Every Day (Rocco Deeper Mix)" (Antho)

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