tiistai 6. lokakuuta 2009

Thanks Ya´lls

Like my man Smoodie said, nuff respect to everyone who came down to support us. 
Ahh man, we had fun, not to mention the music selection throughout the evening, disco, Deep House and beond.
I have rarely seen such a positive smile and attitude as our guest DJ, Gerd Janson had. (See the pictures, heh)

On top of it all, we did celebrate Lil Tony´s new Ep., due to come out on Running Back SOON, so in addition to these photes we will give you sneak peak to whatap.! 

NOTE!! Make sure you order the actual vinyl when it´s out.

(Up) Three gentlemen, ya´ll know who i´m talking about, heh. 
(Down) Lil Tony looks he just had a baby, uuups, he did;)
(Up) Prap pa prap pap...House is a vibe;)
The visuals were amazing, thanks guys!
Did i tell you, the party was good, heh?:)" Smoodie, Gerd & Dj Sonny-T"

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