torstai 21. tammikuuta 2010

African sounds

I've always been a huge fan of African rhytms and sounds!! Lately I've been listening to my old afrobeat records and I have to share my toughts here. White Days 01 record was the record that woke me up to pure afrobeat sound again.. Okay it's an edit but it's a nice edit! After that, i've been crate diggin my records and found some nice afrobeat records too.. Have to say Fela Kuti was really a genious of his music and the god father of afrobeat.

Fela Kuti - Upside Down

This tune is pure jammer...

Nordic Moves 2010

Nordic Moves ya´ll!!!!
Check Check..
For E.g., this Babson dude from France is in town.

tiistai 19. tammikuuta 2010

Sneaker peaker..DJ AM tribute.

Nike DJ AM Dunk Hi & DJ Premier Air Force 1 Finally in Finland.
Get ur from your local this case Popot-sneaker store.

" julkaisubileet Popoissa la 23.1. klo 18-22

Nike Sportswear ja Popot järjestävät maailmanlaajuista hypeä aiheuttaneiden DJ AM ja DJ Premier kenkien julkaisun tänä lauantaina. Musiikeista vastaa Suomen laadukkain DJ-kollektiivi TOP BILLIN'. Paikalla alkoholitarjoilu.

Molemmat kengät saatavilla Suomessa vain Popoista. YHTEENSÄ myyntiin tulee vain 18 paria, joten nopeimmat syövät hitaat!"
R.I.P dude

maanantai 18. tammikuuta 2010

Jesse Rose Salute

Sometiems is good give credits to people we feel really deserve it.
Jesse Rose certainly does.
My first memories about this very skilled producer goes way back to the first Dubsided releases...In the middle i almost lost my hope for this dude, but slowly gaining his recognition away from the Blog-hype community towards real music enthusiasts....... like us.
This gue just knows how to produce good music, simple as that!
If you´re not familiar with this dude, highly recommended. Here are few examples House Party-crew really likes.
Not to forget this simply working club banger Morning Would (available here).

maanantai 11. tammikuuta 2010

The Revenge is coming to HKI, Guest Mix!

Yes The Revenge is coming to House Party on 6.2. Don´t sleep!
Did i mention ,this dude was the one who finally brought slow tempo House to the masses.
You might be into a lot of different stuff, but you can still appreciate what this guy is doing and he´s a great Dj too!

torstai 7. tammikuuta 2010

Fresh like 2010...

My friend just gave me a hot tip 4 next summer...

FREEEESHHHHH.....To go with it, Check this mix......Good Stuff!!!

maanantai 4. tammikuuta 2010

Big Ups....Bobby Konders!

Finally the holiday season is over....huuuuh!!;)
Here is a inspirational shortdocument from Top Billin´blog, (Thanks guys!!!) of Bobby Konders.
Most people propably don´t know this, but, yes he got some heavy House rooting, not to mention his legendary status in Reggae world.Check the doc, and addition to that, you have to jam few House tracks..yes you heard right.!! Culture!!!