torstai 25. helmikuuta 2010

Dj 3Rrd Top 10..

That´s waz up, just wanted put sum tracks down, that are moving me at the moment!!

1. Marvin Beltton - Bleed To Be Free 

(Straight form Detroit, rarely i witness such a spiritual vocals and production. Makes me cry everytime, :)

2. Chez Damier - Time Visions 2 

(No words...PURE QUALITY)

3. Motor City Drum Ensemble - Got it 

(What can I say, i´m very fascianated about his production manners. 2010 Disco, with MPC feel to it, out on Prime Numbers.

4. Ryo Kawamura - Just For This (Graeme Clarck Remix) 

(This is big, but still only110 pbm and bange on it)

5. Ethyl Flori - Tanquaray 

(Sounds like Kenlou, Todd Terry and Roger Sanches used to did back in the 90´s, say no more!!!)

6. Glenn Jones - I Am Somebody 

(Uplifting boogie evergreen, i´ve been finishing up my set with this lately)

7. Jayson Brothers - Monster Box

(MCDE, on a bit more soulful tip) 

8. Value Edits 4 


9. Roy Davis jr - Chicago Hights (New Roy Davis jr, Csomic and yet very soulful, good for starters or latenight creepin´.

10. Bob Seger - Night Moves (Hong Kong TR808´s remix) 

(Irresistable house jam, coming from non other than Revenge, genuine House, period.)

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