maanantai 24. toukokuuta 2010

Beginning of something BIG!

CLUB YK is opening in 3.6..

The latest addition to the Helsinki club scene, Club YK, open up at Pohjoinen Rautatienkatu 21 on Thursday June 3. Run by Toni “Lil Tony” Rantanen and Tim Uskali, previously known from such Helsinki hotspots as Kerma, Soda, Kuudes Linja, Redrum, Siltanen, YK keeps a high level of international and domestic talent on its roster featuring new concepts and club scene favourites side to side. The YK club space consists of three rooms, two of which are espeacially suitable for live performances. The total capacity of the venue is approximately 600. A testament to the club’s eclectic quality programming, the opening night will feature live performances by Helsinki-based hard-hitters TV OFF, The Soul Investigators and Kap Kap. DJs for the night include Anonymous, Lil Tony, Katerina, Erkko, and the Wahoo! DJs.

Check the awesome web page

For example these cats will come to perform during the summer:

Carl Craig
Joe Claussell
Azari & 111


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