sunnuntai 19. syyskuuta 2010

MCDE Delivered!!!!!

Yesterday, was a good day!
I addition to my free saturdaynight, we were lucky to witness Motor City Drum Ensemble aka Danilo Plessow to spin at Club-YK. Before we got into the venue i had chance to enjoy aweome dinner with the hyped producer and his supa chilled girlfriend.
It was all too good to be true, i thought! But it didn´t stop there.

At the venue our fellow House Party-member Tomi K did his warmup thing, finishing up the house practise with new remix of Osunlade´s Pride from Johnny D.

Allthough it propably wasn´t the best tune for MCDE to start his dancefloor exersize, after droppin´Moodymann´s - FOrevernevermore, i was SOLD, and the crowd felt the same way!

Shortly after, came Blake Baxter´s - Forbidden fruit which i haven´t heard in a while! Followed by # 2 from his Raw Cuts series.

Warmly welcomed surprise came at the halfway of the set when MCDE took us back to Metro Area´s golden era, with - Dance Reaction.


Candido´s classic Thousand Fingered Man.

Woaaahhh, the list of bangin tracks just kept going, but to feel it like i did, this blog propably can´t deliver, knowwhatimeaN;).
House music is all about experiencing something through music and rhythm.
Best journey will be when shared, with the people of same ambition and passion for the music, rhythm and culture within.
So i am just happy that in this journey i had a good guide and awesome destination!
THANKS MCDE, House Party salute!
"Jaako aka Dj 3rrd"

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