torstai 14. lokakuuta 2010


Hey Ya´ll,

this is a first post of a legends series in our blog.
If i think of legends in House Music, Ron Hardy is the first name to call out. This dude necessarily is not the most influental pioneer out there, but undisputedly the most under appreciated.
He passed away, after tragic downfall in 1991, but he left us so much to live on..... Musicwise, click the link below, and you know what i mean.

Ya heard, ! The way he combined Soul, Disco and early House records is amazing, not to mention the music selection. He made his own edits and played some gigs with Reel to Reel tapes and he even played records backwords..

His life was a whirlwind, from rags to riches and backwards.
Yes, drugs were involved and yes he liked to have fun with various sexual groups. But the question is , why didin´t he get shouted out while he still lived, like the king of House he was.
Maybe he partied too hard or he just didn´t release any significant tracks like his counterparts? Or did He?

However, He didn´t keep a lot noise from himself, that we know. Otherwise this question remains to be answered. Least we can do is to cherish his legacy by enjoying life to through music like there´s no tomorrow.!!!

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