tiistai 16. marraskuuta 2010

Nicholas & Nick Anthony.

These mysterious Italian producers Nicholas and Nick Anthony makes brilliant music!

Juno Records broke it down nicely:
Mystery producer Nicholas comes correct with the latest No More Hits twelve inch containing four splendid reworks drenched in retro 80s and 90s sounds.
Proceedings commence with the title track, which adds some raw house bump to the silky voiced 80s singers known for documenting extraordinary passionate events. A similar approach is adopted on the following track "Give You Love" which is dominated by the heavy diva vocal refrain, then dipped in a deep house groove that has more than a hint of mid 90s MAW about it. On the flip Nicholas teams up with fellow Italian synth obsessive Nick Anthony for the downright killer disco boogie of "I Know" which is dominated by the crisp 808 syncopation and hugging slapped bassline. The final track "Inside My Mind" adopts a proto house flex, with raw drums, tinny synth melodies and searching chords the backdrop to an array of looped up vocal hits.

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