maanantai 3. tammikuuta 2011

Chez Damier: Inspiration.

Chicago legend Chez Damier blessed Helsinki with his visit to YK-Club on a New Years Day.
I gotta say, i had a blast and got so much inspiration from him.
The set was full of energy and soulful as you can imagine..

Dj Ender did a good job warmin´up the dancefloor, with more intelligent Deep house groove and Chez took over droppin´ raw Chicago groove to the dancefloor. Soon after followed Gwen McRae´s. keep The Fire Burning (Revenge rework).

Next hour and half contained some House Classix, Disco and Chicago groove hand in hand.
Groove definately didn´t stop untill the night was over.

All n all, it was great to witness something original. The set had beginning and the end, witch is not necessarily the case anymore nowadays, knwwhatimean!. Of course some compromises was made, but in a reasonable manner. Music Definately took me somewhere else, and that itself is a accomplishment these days;)!........

Thank You Chez Damier.....Best is yet to come!!

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