sunnuntai 6. helmikuuta 2011

Taste of HUNEE!

Finally a saturday off and HUNEE was in town, playing at NOLLA. There has been a lot of hype on top of this Korean born in Berlin producer..Check the discography from here.
Did he deliver? Uuu, yes he did!!
Sadly enough, most of his records got lost in a way, but somehow he managed to rock the place.
Starting out with disco and uptempo boogie stuff, and there moving towards 90´s house and more deeper stuff. Som any good tracks, so i´m not even gonna go there. Next time you have to witness it yourself.
It certainly was a lecture of House music and Djíng in general.
Get a taste of Hunee, from one of his Dj mixes. Can´t wait to get him back, maybe playing for us even!

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