keskiviikko 13. huhtikuuta 2011

Dark Room.

In Helsinki we have this very cool club-night, run by our fellow House Party member, legendary Lil Tony called Dark Room. Every other month it´s packed from start to end. Music varies from soul, disco, techno, house basically anything goes. It´s almost always a one man show, which makes it interesting. The lights are minimal as you can figure, but still it´s something unique.
The original idea came from a random club night, Lil Tony was playing in Japan.
Middle of the set lights went dark all of a sudden. "This sudden effect created a very cool atmosphere, where people felt the music more deeply than before." commented, Lil Tony about this fortunate incident.:). Next Party in June, Highly recommended.

This clip is just before the last party, me and Lil Tony checking out some new/old tunes and sound system at the venue Kuudes Linja.

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