torstai 6. lokakuuta 2011

Arttu aka Lump feat Jerry the Cat

Arttu aka Lump (from Finland) would be jamming in his Lisbon studio with Detroit's Jerry the Cat! These tracks are the perfect first collaboration between Arttu, Jerry the Cat and Clone records!! Playful and funky old schoolish house tracks with the joyfull vocals of Mr Cat all recorded during some live sessions in Lisbon where they both reside. Arttu went back to some intuitive drum programming for these live sessions and made simple funky drum machine patterns around nice hypnotic basslines. Vocals and additional percussion still have some of that live feel after the tracks have been arranged and mixed. Enjoy!!

Clone Royal Oak 011 Arttu ft. Jerry the Cat by clone records

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  1. Arttu aka Lump 100% hardware live
    in Helsinki Friday the 9th of December
    @ Nolla!!!
    + DJs Rene ja Janne playing real house music all night long!!!
    See you there!